Hey! Shamir here from Sikkim and Welcome this is my online abode.
I help businesses grow online by providing Digital Marketing Services. Mostly my services range from  SEO, Facebook ads, google ads, lead generation, and WordPress websites.

Here at shamiryednap.com, I write about topics, and ideas that interest me and I learn on a daily basis.

The Story

I dropped out of college in 2019.

I was pursuing BSc in Physics. I Like physics but something did not feel right to me at that time. I had this feeling of missing something. I would imagine my life in the future and it just did not make sense to me to picture myself in a government job.

And that’s when I decided to quit and take a path that nobody in my entire family or community had taken. I dropped out of college and came home.

Now, I had the challenge to start over, and create a new way for myself.

That’s when I came across blogging.

I read a few blog posts, watched some videos, and decided that’s what I want to do.

Obviously, the first blog failed, but I learnt a LOT.

Starting a blog of my open own opened new doors for me, a whole new world.

Digital Marketing.

It was all because I started a blog in 2019 that led me to pursue digital marketing. 

And recently, I completed a digital marketing internship from Learn today, CEO Deepak Kanakaraju.

Currently, I work as a Digital Marketing Freelancer and help businesses achieve their goals by providing my services.

The road so far has been full of ups and downs, plus and minuses. But in all that, I had my fair share of lessons learned, wisdom gained.

Freelancing as a career challenges me, pushes me out of my comfort zone, and makes me keep learning. 

Therefore, shamiryednap.com is the place where I write about ideas, topics, or things that I learn on a daily basis be it through a course, a mentor, a simple video, a blog post or a book.

The Topics I write about may range across different categories from marketing to personal development or finance to spirituality. 

Courses and acheivements

Digital Marketing Internship


Digital Marketing Internship by Learn today( Deepak Kanakaraju) has been one of the best learning experiences for me.

In a span of 3 months, I managed to learn so much about digital marketing that had I taken any other route it would have taken me a year or two. 

The content was no doubt the best, but the program also provided us with a community of super avid digital marketers which made the whole learning super fun. On top of that, the internship is practical and application-based. You have to apply what you learn and earn cash back once you get your assignment approved.

Not only did I get all my money but also grabbed a bonus by coming on the list of top 25 interns and thus the award of excellence.



Search Engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization: the process of optimizing your web pages, and content in a way such that you gain higher rankings in the SERPs and gain more traffic.

Hubspot academy Seo course has helped me immensely to gain more understanding of SEO.