Play2Earn game you can’t afford to miss.

Do you enjoy Gaming?

Do you have a gaming laptop?

If the answer to these question is loud “YES”, then you are going to love this post.

The Rise of Web 3 has brought about a massive opportunity for gamers to earn by playing games.

In this post, I have brought to you a up and coming gaming guild that you can join, complete games and earn rewards in fiat or crypto starting from RS 350.

Interesting, right?

Let’s get into the details.

Beyond Gaming Guild Play2Earn Concept

Play to Earn is a very Novel concept that aligns well with the philosophy of Web3. The major philosophy of web 3 is to reward the user for participating and contributing to the space. Unlike web2 where you contribute but are not rewarded.

Play2Earn is similar concept of rewarding the gamers for completing the games.

Some of the great examples of Play 2 Earn Games are Axie Infinity and StepN.

By playing games like Axie Infinity, as per an estimate, people are making around $1000 per month.

That’s a pretty decent amount.

But with projects like Axie and StepN, not every one can enter. There are entry barriers for normal users.

Beyond Gaming Guild, however, is a fairly new guild and is taking new players into their ecosystem.

At Beyond Gaming, gamers are rewarded for completing a bear hunt game.

If you love Pc/ laptop gaming and want to make some decent amount of money, then Beyond Gaming Guild is a superb opportunity.

Now, let’s look at the pay structure and how this all works.

How much can I make?

By completing games for the Guild, you will be rewarded with money or crypto.

For the first game the guild pays out Rs 350, the 2nd game Rs 400 and the from 3rd Game Rs 450.

Below are some of the payouts made to the players.

The top players in the Guild have made more than Rs 4500 per day in the initial days. And more the 1.5 lakhs has been paid out to players.

The total players in the Guild today, seem to be be around 100 out of which 20-30 make the top players. And the numbers are growing each day.

That being said, there is a huge potential for gamers in this space. The future plans of Beyond Gaming Guild includes lead board competitions, providing scholarships for gamers, community and much more. Their vision is to turn into a great Gaming Guild for the Indian Gaming Community.

The only requirement to participate is you have good gaming laptop, a internet connection and are an Indian.

No investments, no fees required to join.

How to Join and get more info?

The guild is currently hosted through telegram and operations will be shifted to discord soon.

To join the group you can use this link: Join Beyond Guild

Once you join the group, you will be provided with all the info and guides to get you started.

Web 3 and NFT’s is changing the way gaming works, With play 2 Earn games like these, you as a gamer have the chance to make money by doing what you love.

Beyond Gaming Guild Might be your entry to the world of Play 2 Earn Games and WEB 3 in general.

Don’t Delay: checkout Beyond Guild

PS: Make sure you have telegram as the links are of telegram channel.

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