GNS Apartments

Redefining Luxury

Live luxuriously in
GNS Apartments.

It is a Special dream to own a place of one's own. Afterall, it's not just a place to reside. It is an extension of your personality, your core. But to get that dream into reality comes with troubles of it's own. From looking for the land to getting the final structure ready, it's a long tedious journey.. But it doesnot have to be that way.
Put an end to your search of a perfect residence with GNS apatments.
Our modern and luxurious properties promise a first-class living experience.

We are creating a beautiful,
luxurious and comfortable
place, one at a time.
Redefining Luxury.

GNS Apartments

 Opposite Bakthang Bojoghari

Juction Petrol Pump, N10 

East Sikkim, Gangtok

GNS Apartments Highlights

Ongoing Project

Bookings Open

Deliverable by 2023

GNS Apartments is under construction

Ehnance the experience of contemporary living with GNS Apartments. These personal living spaces in Bojoghari, Gangtok is under development and being  built by us.

GNS apartment project will consist of one building and 12 aparatments along with a list of premium ameneties, right in the lap of luxury.

Stunning Contemporary apartments meticulously crafted and amenities rich.

GNS Apartments offers the residents the oppurtunities to live the lifestyle they always dreamt of.

Pamper youself with a whole new level of comfort and luxury.

GNS apartments model brings you an elevated sense of style, and functionality meant to accentuate your life.

Stand out from the rest

The futuristic, aesthetically pleasing and feature rich characteristic is what seperates GNS apartment from the rest.

It appears audacious, has a personality of it’s own that makes it stand out among many different houses surrounding it.

Already realized projects

Comfort, quality, aesthetics are our top priorities when it comes to realization of our residnetial or commercial projects.

Bayul Demojong is one such project, where we worked closely with creating an aesthetic, quality and feature rich that best resonates with the business.

Passion that connects GNS Builders

The longing for perfection, comfort, and quality . A desire to serve and create living spaces that extend beyond being just a structure and wears the residents personality is what connects us all.